About Us

"Loyalty in your Lap"

Hi there! My name is Emily Wagler. I'm a hobby breeder and the owner/operator of Jubilee Cavaliers. I've also practiced veterinary medicine for over 15 years and have 4 active boys at home who keep me (and the puppies) loved and entertained.

In 2006, my heart was stolen by our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy. Since then, our family has been blessed to foster and share our home with 5 sweet, friendly, beautiful dogs of this breed and of course, their beautiful puppies.

At Jubilee, I believe in breeding and raising family-friendly, in-home puppies. "Loyalty in your Lap," is the best way to describe a Cavalier. They are happy to cuddle all day long, love little walks in the bush, all the while never straying far from your side.


Dr. Emily Wagler and family:)

Our breeding females and studs we use are CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered. For our breeding dogs we have done OFA testing for heart (including echocardiograms), hips, patellas and eyes. We have also done genetic testing through Embark for CC/DE, EF, Dry Eye etc.

near Shakespeare Southwestern Ontario, CANADA